The Reach Out Initiative Raises Over 14 000 lv. for Children with Special Needs

The Reach Out initiative, which took place this past weekend at MegaXtreme Bowling in SkyCity Mall, raised 14 000 lv. for children with special needs.

The charity event saw involvement from notable Bulgarian athletes and recognizable faces from television. Maria Grozdeva, Alexandra Zhekova, Nevyana Vladinova, Evgeni Ivanov, Radoslav Tenchev, bTV sports journalist Valeri Genov and actress turned TV host Raya Peeva stepped into the bowling alley for the first time as captains of their respective teams. 150 bowling games were played as part o the tournament, with the first ones receiving additional motivation from the Good Examples project’s mascot Greeny.

“I’ve organized a lot of tournaments, but none of them have been this special. Some of these players encountered bowling for the first time. The professional competitors of the Bulgarian Bowling Federation were with us all the time, including children and youth from the bowling clubs. The initiative lasted the entire weekend and some of the captains got their amilies involved. A law firm here in Sofia got most of their employees involved. One of the participants bought a golden bowling card worth 900 lv., while many guests also made donations in the box provided. A big thank you goes out to all these warm-hearted people!“, shares Teodora Doncheva, who is in charge of tournaments at MegaXtreme Bowling.

The total funds raised from games and donations amounts to 14 137 lv. The funds will be allocated to the Kids with Developmental Problems Foundation for purposes of rehabilitation of children with special needs.

The charity causes was brought to reality in partnership with the Bulgarian Bowling Federation, Nestle’s Live Actively initiative and bTV’s media support, as well as the Good Examples social campaign.

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