MegaXtreme Bowling guarantees a thrilling experience with the latest in bowling technologies, which will keep you coming back! Our bowling alleys offer much more than the standard 10-frame bowling game!

Welcome to a new bowling dimension!


*The innovative HyperBowling system is only available in SkyCity Mall and in MegaXtreme in Pernik.

For everyone looking for fun and to get to know HyperBowling. Take aim at the colorful targets on the lanes that multiply your pinfall. It may look easy at first but watch out! Each level increases in difficulty.

For those looking for something more challenging and seriously engaging. HyperBowl Pro features more complex targets that move and change size, shot after shot. The greater level of difficulty makes this game ideal for people looking for more exciting competitions, competitive skilled players and league bowlers.

For groups, parties and other events looking for fun team competition. HyperSquad is a strategic team game that is different every time. Each team uses their own strategy and skill to claim territory on the playing field. With every shot they paint the lane with their color and try to outplay their opponent!

Great for groups, kids and fun competitions. HyperActive is a wild and crazy game with fast changing colorful targets! The combination of both skill and a little luck make this game appropriate for all audiences. HyperActive also allows guests to become part of the on-screen animation by taking selfies right from the console.

Mad Games*

*Налични в Joy Station и SkyCity Mall

Enter the archery competition, shoot your arrows, score a bull's-eye and become the hero of the kingdom! The "archery" score for each shot depends on the bowling score and on the bowler level. The skill level can be selected for each bowler before starting the game.

Destroy the castle of the opposing player/team and you win! Play lane vs. lane or team vs. team (on a single lane). The number of pins knocked down determines the stones thrown and the amount of damage done to the opponents. The skill level can be selected for each bowler before starting the game; the more expert the bowler, the better they have to bowl to do damage.

Create your own character on the lanes as you bowl. With each ball you get a new crazy feature for your character. Featuring guys and gals. When you’re done you can even take them home!

Build a crazy monster with your best shots! Your monster takes shape with each ball you throw. All players build their own unique monster one ball at a time—and can even take him home!

Classic Games*

*Налични в Joy Station и SkyCity Mall

A game of skill where the system scores in reverse and the winner is the player with the lowest score. Knock down the 7 and the 10 pins only in each frame for a perfect game. Roll a gutter ball and it will be converted into a strike or spare.

Available to be set for values 7, 8 or 9 whereby the system scores strike or spare even with a lower configurable amount of pins knocked down.

The traditional game that handles the score modification automatically, along with the added benefit of inserting auto-strike into any of the frames.

Each player has his own hand and if they successfully achieve the hot-shot they will be dealt an additional card. When their hand is full, they can choose to discard a current card.

At the conclusion of the tenpin game the system will automatically calculate the winning hand and display the winner. 

Skill Games*

*Налични в Joy Station и SkyCity Mall

Based on the No-Tap rules with a difference. If you roll an even value your score will be recorded as a strike or spare. If you roll an odd score, it will remain as it is.

You have one ball per frame an even number of pins, but not a strike. If the player knocks down an even number of pins, his score is normally recorded. If the player knocks down an odd number of pins or a strike or a gutter, the score will be zero.

The aim is to knock down as many pins as you can without hitting the head pin. If you knock down pins (but not head pin) on the 1st ball, you can throw the 2nd ball. If the 2nd ball knocks down the head pin, hits no pin or is a gutter ball, the player receives for that frame only the score of his 1st ball.

You have one ball per frame an odd number of pins, and not a strike. If the player knocks down an odd number of pins, his score is normally recorded. If the player knocks down an even number of pins or a strike or a gutter, the score will be zero.

The aim is to hit the head pin without getting a strike. If you don’t hit the head pin or roll a strike, the score will be zero. The 1st ball of each frame is displayed and managed as a gutter (it counts zero and it does not add to the previous frame, in case it was a spare). To score, the ball must hit the head pin, and your score will be how many pins you knock down. If you hit 7, 6, 5 or 4 pins, you get a bonus that converts your score to 10 (displayed as a spare).

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