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MegaXtreme Bowling

Lifelong passion for bowling

Back in 2003, a small team united by their passion for bowling established the Mega Xtreme brand with their first location in Studentski grad, Sofia. The groundwork was set for the brand's long-term partnership with QubicaAMF, the American leader in bowling technology. The high-class equipment in Mega Xtreme's alleys set a gold standard for the sport and placed the chain on the map of international competition.

Within a few years Mega Xtreme established themselves as the premier bowling alleys in Bulgaria, with more locations opening in Lyulin and Geo Milev's SkyCity Mall.

In 2013, ten years after the brand’s inception, Joy Station Club in Studentski grad hosted the opening of the largest bowling center in Bulgaria, now with 20 renovated lanes. The bowling center went on to organize and accommodate the Sofia International Open tournament, part of the World Tenpin Bowling Association’s official calendar.

Joy Station Club is also the home of Bulgaria’s first professional bowling store Pro-Shop, where you may purchase or be advised on professional bowling gear, as well as billiards and darts accessories, such as balls, pins, cue sticks, clothing, and more. The store is accompanied by a bowling workshop equipped with ball drills to help customize everyone’s “weapon of choice”.

Professional requirements and MegaXtreme equipment

1. All bowling players must wear specialized bowling shoes, which are provided at the reception for free and returned upon the game’s completion. Bowling shoes come in EU (24-52) and US sizes.

2. Bowling balls must be selected appropriately to ensure a pleasant and successful game.

The weight of each ball is labeled on the side in pounds (lb).
6-7 lb – Kids’ balls (electric green, pink) – Only available to children – Ask at reception;
8-11 lb – Ladies’ balls (orange, purple, red, blue);
12-16 lb – Men’s balls (green, electric yellow, orange, dark blue, purple ink).
* 1 lb = 453 g

If a ball gets damaged as a result of inappropriate selection on behalf of the player, a fine of 200 BGN will be imposed.

Please consult the staff at reception to help you choose the right ball.

3. No food or drinks are allowed on the approach or in the immediate surrounding areas.

4. The foul line must not be stepped over. In case of a player slipping and falling on the lane, it is imperative that they change their bowling shoes immediately. Contaminated shoes will hinder the game going forward.

5. In terms of order of throws, the player on the right-hand side has the advantage if he has already stepped forward. Please be tolerant and wait for their turn, so that the game is as pleasurable as possible.

We’re looking forward to playing with you!


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